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 A long winter that slowed

down motorcycling activities (but not the manducatory ones) finally came to an end with this which was the first official rally of 2019 under the aegis of a beautiful sun and a riviera, that of the west, which it is all a flowering of natural spectacles. The occasion was given to us and developed by Puffyoda and Puffsimo, the two smurfs painters, who "discovered" a beautiful village made up of mushroom-shaped houses near Bardineto and all the rest is history ... The desire for taking a ride together was really as great as so many people were, Gwrra and others, who cheered us with their wonderful company. I would like to publicly thank Pino and Renata for having wanted to spend a Sunday with a group of friends with us. The photos we have collected are just a small example of everything that has passed before our eyes, enjoy browsing them and next time, if you want, we can still repeat having fun together! By Grande Puffdrone.

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