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Genova 2019

The weather was not exactly lenient

but the occasion was greedy: to visit a city like Genoa selecting a path that had a complete meaning among all the wonders, for better or for worse, that it contains. Well our Simo has done it, assisted by Mimmo but fielding all the desire to give an emotion to all of us who participated armed with umbrellas and comfortable shoes. Genoa is really Superb, in the ways, in the foreshortenings and in its history that has fascinated us too who live there all our lives but that we hardly have the desire to run free in the alleyways living it intensely. Friendship and desire to be together have completed the work and the rain acted as a spectator but Gwrra does not stop. NEVER! Thanks Simo, to you and to Mimmo for this fantastic idea! By Sandrone

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