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Metti la Freccia 2019



The chronicle of a special day, a moment of joy and solidarity to bring help where it is needed .. a drop in the sea but maybe if the drops were not there the sea would not exist. Thanks to the organization of the THCC IM, the day was spent according to the fairly usual fee between smiles and awareness that it was an important moment crowned by the winner Marco who, having the possibility to choose the destination of the contribution, directed the sum towards the Zerbolò Children's Home where we have already seen first hand the great work of Nadia and Friends towards the boys. Thanks THCC, Thanks Marco Thanks to all the Interveners ... I leave you with the words of Gloria of THCC ...


Also this year we guys at THCC Im wanted to organize a solidarity event, the "Metti la Freccia run". The 1st edition was above our expectations, giving us an excellent participation of Bikers, MC Groups, Free, Hog and a massive representation of our twin GWRRA (Goldwing USA). New formula ... Route of the run revealed step by step in order to reach a minimum mileage in solitary or in small groups, at each check point a test of skill awaits the bikers, "the game of darts". On arrival the sum of the points reached minus the km not traveled to destination ... A success!!!!! Bikers had fun playing and walking the Monferrato hills. In the end the winner with a total of 226 points Marco Mattiozzi on behalf of the Gold Wing Road Ride Association-Chapter It-A in addition to the prize had the opportunity to decide who to allocate the proceeds of event. The day continues in joy between music, beer, good food and old-fashioned games such as throwing a beer mug or the weight of salami, chatting with friends on trips and motorbikes. Between a chat and the other you arrive at the end of the evening, the Bikers get back on their bikes for the return, but there is no lack of greetings and a promise to meet again at the next event.
Acknowledgments go to all the Bikers who attended and the premises that helped us in organizing the event. By Gloria THCC Im

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