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For the second time in recent years, a handful of intrepid wingers have crossed the Alps to reach Cheb in the Czech Republic where the GE-C Chapter has been organizing the Triangle Treffen for 16 years. A journey in the gathering, 1000 km to be accomplished in a day to find friends who unfortunately see little but who are always in your thoughts. The uncertain weather was certainly not an incentive but the desire to be there is always stronger than instinct and certainly this extension of winter does not stop us. The gathering has a well-established structure and the Czech Republic offers really special panoramas as well as excellent beer and food, all coordinated by the excellent Martin who always gives us great smiles and calls us to collect, teasing our boyish desire to live the moment.The joy of meeting Alonzo again with his irresistible laughter and sadness at remembering Jurghen which is no longer among us are the boundaries in which the whole gathering moved and for us Italians the pinnacle was the parade of flags in which with three national flags that Martin made us find we represented our nation. Thanks Ettore, Bisiuss, Maurilio and Fabio but above all our traveling companions Mariangela, Grazia, Sylvya and Mariarosa who have endured the cold and up early to add an unforgettable taste to our adventure. By Sandrone

 Friday  -  Saturday