foto ultima ufficiale

Welcome friends motorcyclists, wingers and others, welcome to this new beginning, to this new start that we hope will be the harbinger of increasingly interesting and above all carefree news on our bikes.

2020 and the pandemic have relegated us at home, they have deprived us of the possibility of socializing, of being together and many have lost their lives but this has not stopped us, many of us have reacted for ourselves and for those who instead went more and more towards depression by helping every day with a word, with a gesture and bringing a smile back to the lips.

Together we are strong, we will be strong in getting up and rolling the road under our wheels again and this must be the hope for the immediate future.

For those who still do not know we reiterate that the National 2021 has been very wisely canceled and rescheduled for 2022 with the same destination (Puglia) and the same period of development, Fiorello and Chapter B are eager to review all of us to let us enjoy landscapes and foods of their splendid Region.
Some organizational news regarding Chapter A and Chapter C:

Chapter A

Roberto S. resigned as Chapter Director in 2019, thus eliminating any underlying position and, given the difficult time for meetings and meetings, I intended to take on the role of Chapter Director ad interim assisted by Luciano M. and Mimmo (Yoda), two of the assistants of the old guard and it will be my concern to find a new name to reassign this delicate task as soon as possible.

Ettore (Ghost) takes over from me as Webmaster with the desire and enthusiasm that he knows how to put into everything he faces. The site has been deliberately brought back to a dimension, pass me the term, human without many frills now obsolete and prepared for a quick consultation of upcoming activities, information and also photographic reports of previous meetings.

he person who made all this possible is Franco (Grisù) who, by carving out precious time for his family, understood and interpreted in the best way what I asked him.

Chapter C

Change at the top with the inclusion of Giampaolo (Scrambler) as Chapter Director and the passage of Emanuele (Daldox) to the role of Treasurer.
A hug to everyone and see you very soon