Friends For Fun, Safety and Knowledge

The Goldwing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) is the world's largest organization dedicated to owners of this incredible motorcycle, now at its sixth life through the various displacements since 1975. The Italy District wants to be an integral part of this association, in whole marries the ideas, the model and the intentions of friendship in the fun, in safety and knowledge that are the guiding principles of the GWRRA and from this concept was born the first Italian Chapter:

Chapter IT-A

The principle of freedom that the mere fact of owning a motorcycle, whatever it is, infuses in biker, means that our members are animated by the purest spirit of aggregation and united in the desire to embark on a new journey through the installation of this first brick but still free to attend any organization similar to ours with absolute transparency.



 Fun, Safety and Knowledge

They are the three cornerstones of the association and on them is spread throughout the activities of the

Chapter IT -A
The fun is certainly the most obvious, most immediate , the one in which we recognize ourselves immediately .
Riding only a bike , for a biker , is in itself a source of amusement . If you then go with the motorcycle
with your friends on beautiful roads to a place where you can eat well .. wow,  the target is centered and the first assignment of tasks has laid the foundation for the achievement of this goal. Safety is instead a most important aspect that is often overlooked or forgotten, soon will be necessary to entrust the task of Safety manager to someone who has in his background a strong and deep-rooted history of biker .The assignment was not easy and contemplate that the position reporting directly to the Chapter Director and will be positioned at the sidethe Assistant Chapter Director.To the knowledge we are still learning how to assign tasks and ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks to all of you who demonstrated daily affection and endless desire for this adventure ....
By Sandrone , Chapter Director at IT- Italy

ADESIVO chapter