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After a tormented start of the season due to bad weather and cold, thinking about our National Rally in the mountains and cold sweat was really one but in my heart I knew that everything would be all right even in heavy rain. The sky has instead wanted to pardon us and already from Thursday morning a shy sun has appeared and has not abandoned us until the end of our important annual appointment. It was also the "premiere" of our Chapter C and everyone, even themselves, was curious to see "the effect it makes" to paraphrase Iannacci's famous song but everything was superlative: landscapes, roads, Lake Garda (always touched but never invasive) and the location that honored the "bellavista" name. I must say that even now I get excited by remembering the efforts made by these five boys, the smiles with which they welcomed us and the patience in always knowing how to face every situation were decisive for the success of the event and are the symptom of a good health of this Gwrra bud in the Veneto area. During the award ceremony the memory of Anton Maria, the first who really believe in it and an example of stubborn will, accompanied us as if he were there with us always to guide Emanuele Alessandro Michele Paolo and Giancarlo towards the deserved satisfaction of having completed a difficult task. Thanks guys, I'm proud of you! By Sandrone

Pictures of Thursday - Friday and Saturday