Saturday 19 April, from an idea of Ringhio

that invites us to participate, here is that the great heart of Gwrra is set in motion and gives us a really intense day. I say "Give Us" because every time we have participated in this initiative we have received, and not only given, so much in human terms. Thanks to Nadia and her collaborators for giving us this, we have been a family in the family once again! Below I leave you with the words of Mr. Cromo, a living winger relic, which we recently adopted in the Gwrra family, a Friend, a Musician and a Poet ....

"For me it was a wonderful day, tomorrow I will be alone but it doesn't matter, today I had so much and I will live in memory of what I had from all of you and from that love that was given to me thanks to you ... There is not only two wheels and an engine that in the wind whisper to you that you'll never be alone ... Never stop loving, never stop making friends and smile, life is together, the rest is just sadness ... I just met people who give without asking anything in return, I saw children with big eyes full of joy, a little girl jumped on my the bike and told me let's go? I took her around the country and then she told me "Thank you Mr, .Cromo, This is my Easter "!

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