Tradition, this word nowadays from

the most forgotten, is the basis of many of our activities and Lungavilla, a beneficial gathering to bring the gifts to the children of the Paul VI Institute, is now one of them. Like every year the Goldwing, of any sex, club or orientation are dedicated to the Safety of the long procession of participants (this year consists of more than four hundred bikes) and as every year we take advantage of the welcome sandwich based with salamella (very delicious) and Vin Brulé that the organization offers for free to the participants to warm up, given the not really summer date. I would also like to thank the new entries in the Safety team: Brontolo and Fiore, first time at the meeting and already at work. We must also thank the Santi Family (Roberto is the Chapter Director IT-A) starting with Mrs. Luigina who welcomed us at home with the warmth of the family and offering the group of hungry a real treat: Polenta and Boar! Thank you all for participating! By Sandrone

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