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Pubblicato da su Mercoledì 9 marzo 2016

Chatting on the criteria to be observed when you driving in groups.
The march as a group (more than three bikes ) requires knowledge of and
compliance with certain rules.
Additional that, even if ascertainable with common sense or be acquired
by experience, I would, with these two chat, to recall here.
The first motion should not be in columns in single file, but should be two
files distinct and parallel with the bike that must be staggered with respect
to those of the adjacent row.
The position taken in the column must be maintained for the duration of
the trip, without overtake, change column, and so on.
Paramount importance to maintain the distance with respect to the motion
preceding the same column, but also compared to that which precedes the
adjacent column. such distance and speed must be adapted to the conditions
of the road surface and shall:
ensure security in order for a possible emergency braking.
above on the same column, allow the bike to run in the adjacent column
above , in absolute safety, any emergency maneuvers (sudden dodge
potholes or other obstacles).
To be avoided is the "elastic effect" as if the group is frayed stretching,
those who remain behind, to rejoin, he is forced to have to accelerate
with the risk of exceeding the speed limit and having to overtake means
that maybe in the meantime you have entered. In addition,
the lengthening of column could lead latecomers to lose contact with the
head of the column and wrong road.
The so-called "broom" which is located in rear of the column copa has
the role to act as a guide in the case where the column and divides the
second part lose contact with the rest of the column.
I am convinced that he had not said anything new, but, as the Latin saying,
repetita iuvant.
Maybe in the next two chat talk about the driving in the wet.

By Ettore - Safety Manager Chapter IT-A